Thursday, January 28, 2010

A message to Ray Comfort - Part 1

I am posting this here as Ray has proven himself to be a cowardly fascist by refusing to allow them on his site.

Ray, now you are saying I'm only 2/3 of a person because I don't believe in your God? You're saying I'm less than human? This is coming from the keyboard of someone who posted a link to a white supremacy/neo-nazi site in attempt to cover up his lies.

Classy...very classy.

What's next for you Ray? Holocaust denial? Abortion clinic bombing?


  1. Hi,

    Just a little knowledge from a time arguing at Ray's:

    People like Ray, and like scmike, and most evangelical Christians do not think they are good persons. They do not think such people exist at all (everybody is a sinner).

    scmike does not care about honest debate. He will be as dishonest as possible to make you write and write for him to have more to mischaracterize.

    Read about presuppositionalism and learn what you are dealing with.

    scmike already dodged one of my comments by playing semantics (he isolated the sentence form its context to pretend he did not understand what I said). I answer him for my own amusement. But I know it is useless overall.


  2. Ahhh, save your breath n' patience, Sir VikingMonkeyKing .
    Mr.' Cozyberg' Comfort, a 'New Jew for Jesus' ( I've got nuttin' against the Hebrew) has joined the forces like many other J4J Profiteers (Kathie Lee 'Epstein' Gifford and her 'now evangilical' brother) to spread the word of Jeeeesus.
    Many in the Down Under are working on his financial records and justice will be done on earth as it is in heaven (har)...
    'the Comforter' will be lit by God's Cigar. in the middle of the night... yesterday, your time.

  3. I just posted several comments there today for the first time. You saying he won't let them through?


  4. Unfortunately, this is old hat for Ray. He regularly filters out meaningful posts from atheists but will allow any post from his lackeys no matter how offensive.

    Just another case of christian hypocrisy.