Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Army of God" - I think I'm going to be sick...

Friday morning, while getting ready for work and class, I had NPR on like I usually do at that time of day. There had an article on the trial of accused murderer Scott Roeder. Mostly the subject pertained to whether or not the issue of abortion should/would be brought up in the trial proceedings. Arguments against it were that I would give the defendant fuel for a justifiable homicide claim, while arguments for it were to suggest that he should be able to claim justifiable homicide.

While I will set my opinions on abortion aside for this post, I believe that the issue of abortion should be brought up in the trial. I feel this way because it would paint a clear picture, in my opinion, of a zealot, driven out of religious rage to premeditate a murder against someone. I do believe that the slain Dr. Tiller most likely had some issues with what he did. He aborted late term fetuses and held them in his hands. He's human like anyone else and most likely felt a human response to that. But there was a need and he bravely stood up and fulfilled that need in society. "It's a dirty job..."

What brings me to the point of this post is a website, and I hate to advertise it, called that was mentioned in the article. This website is the official website of the "Army of God" anti-choice group that is actually recognized as a terrorist organization by the FBI. They actually defends someone who allegedly gunned another human being down and justified it with scripture! They also have a link to send emails to "personally thank Scott Roeder." Excuse me while I vomit. They also contain links to the "official Paul Hill website." For those who don't know former pastor Paul Hill was the first person to be executed for murdering a doctor who performed abortions.

Regardless of how you feel about abortion celebrating someone who gunned someone down in cold blood is inhuman and disgusting. Even worse, to encourage others to do the same is insane and borderline criminal.

But alas, the same internet that allows me to share my opinions that others may disagree with also allows sites like army of god to spout views that I find utterly horrible and distasteful.

Show me one atheist who has called for the murder of a christian because of their beliefs? Well, aside from the Romans...

"Thou shalt not kill."

Why do Christians fight so hard to post their 10 commandments in public when all they will do is remind them of how often they break them?


  1.      Here, I can be opposed to both sides. There was/is no "need" to kill late-term fetuses any more than there was/is a "need" to gun down the people who do that.
         "While I will set my opinions on abortion aside for this post,..."
         You failed at that. You would have to avoid deliberately loaded terms like "anti-choice." (Would you consider an abortion opponent to be setting his opinions aside if he talked about "anti-life" groups?

  2. I get it Pvblivs, you're looking for attention and validation from me obviously.

    Aside from my full-time job and full-time college work I also enjoy volunteering. Part time for the Aids Project and part time for the Woman's Resource Center with rape prevention and post-rape support at my college.

    One of the huge benefits of this work is that I get an opportunity to see these women in a light that few men get to. Discussing issues with these women at getting a point of view that I never saw before is eye-opening to me. While I will never agree that killing an unborn child at any point is
    ideal or correct but it is a necessary evil in this world. When I said he served a need of society it was the truth. If he and fellow practitioners closed their doors and never did any more abortions then women would be forced to back alley abortions because sometimes it is necessary to save the life of the mother when it's in danger. It happens quite often in Africa and parts of Asia.

    When I use the term "anti-choice" it is because these people want to take the choice away from those whom are the only ones that have that right to choose what happens to their own bodies. The UN even went as far as to say that NO NATION has the right to dictate family planning, that it is up to the family and ultimately the women to make that decision.

  3. "Why do Christians fight so hard to post their 10 commandments in public when all they will do is remind them of how often they break them?"

    The posting of the 10 Commandments in public places aside, the church proclaims the 10 Commandments with the intent of reminding us how often we do break them. This is to 1. cause unbelievers to flee to Christ for forgiveness, and 2. to cause believers to continue to cling to Christ as they confess their sins and ask forgiveness.

    (I am not on the "post the ten commandments in the courthouse" band wagon)